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International Program   * Management * Accounting *


Are you ready for the future?


After Joining China + ASEAN free trade area, we are entering borderless world, with tighter competition. Everybody aiming at international positions need to equip themselves with English and international perspective to create better, promising future.


Faculty of Economics and Business, Satya Wacana Christian University proudly presents:

The International Program which held in English for management and accounting major.


The benefits offered are:

  • Precise and fluent English
  • International perspective with compatible curriculum
  • Encounters with internationally qualified lecturers
  • International Exposure; resources, visits, exchanges



Satya Wacana Christian University, one of the major oldest universities in Indonesia, has partnership with top overseas universities that you might explore by joining this program (Guest Lecture, Short Visit, Exchange Program*

  • Griffith University, AUSTRALIA
  • Sunshine Coast University, AUSTRALIA
  • Charles Darwin University, AUSTRALIA
  • Kansai Gadai University, JAPAN
  • Kwansei Gakuin University, JAPAN
  • Chung Yuan Christian University, TAIWAN
  • Changjung Christian University, TAIWAN
  • Siliman University, PHILLIPINES
  • Christian University of Thailand, THAILAND

Get yourself enrolled soon, recruitment is only open for the first 30 candidates.


Our Staff Members

  1. Prof. Christantius Dwiatmadja, SE., ME., Ph.D (Groningen, Netherlands)
  2. Prof. Daniel D. Kameo, MA., Ph.D (New England, Australia)
  3. Prof. Hendrawan Supratikno, SE., MBA., Ph.D, (Vrije, Netherlands)
  4. Prof. John J.O.I. Ihalauw, Ph.D (IOWA, USA)
  5. Prof. Supramono, SE., MBA, DBA (De La Salle, Phillipines)
  6. Gatot Sasongko., SE., MS., Dr. (Diponegoro, Indonesia)
  7. Harijono, SE., M.Com (Hons), Ph.D. (Monash, Australia)
  8. Hari Sunarto, SE., MBA., Ph.D (Vrije, Netherlands)
  9. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, SE., MM., Dr. (UI, Indonesia)
  10. Lieli Suharti, Ir., MM., Ph.D (UPM, Malaysia)
  11. Marthen L.nDoen, SE., MA., Ph.D (Cornell, USA)
  12. Marwata, SE., Akt., MSi., Ph.D (Monash, Australia)
  13. Neil Semuel Rupidara, SE., MSc., Ph.D (Macquarie, Australia)
  14. Roos Kities Andadari, SE., MBA., Ph.D (Vrije, Netherlands)
  15. Sri Sulandjari, SE., MSIE., Dr. (ITB, Indonesia)
  16. Suzy Novianti, Dra., SE., MM., Dr. (Diponegoro, Indonesia)
  17. Usil Sis Sucahyo, SE., MBA., Dr (Diponegoro, Indonesia)
  18. Apriani Dorkas R. A., SE., MCom (New South Wales, Australia)
  19. Caecilia Tri Wahyanti, SPd., MA (Leeds, United Kingdom)
  20. Haryono Sandjojo, SE., MBA (Mastricht, Netherlands)
  21. Johnson Dongoran, SE., MBA (Yonsei, Korea)
  22. Ocky Sundari, SPd., MA (Macquarie, Australia)
  23. Yulius Pratomo, SE., MIDEC (ANU, Australia)


Campus Facility

  • Student Clubs
  • Guest House
  • Recital Hall
  • Chapel
  • Cafe
  • Student Dormitory
  • Language Training Centre
  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Intranet/Internet Wi-fi
  • Polyclinic and Medical Laboratory
  • Banks
  • Post Office


Academic Requirements

The FEB International Program Admission appraises applications meeting following qualifications:

  • Holding a certificate equivalent with high school degree (SMA/SMK)
  • A minimum of 7.0 average of year 10 and 11 grades, as indicated in school reports
  • A minimum of 8.0 average of year 10 and 11 grades in English subject


Program Fee

Total Fee of the program is 50 million rupiah (6.250.000 rupiah per semester). The fee includes Short Visit Trip Overseas*


How to Join This Program?

Visit our website at http://www.feb.uksw.edu, download the application form. Complete and sign the application form, attach all the required documents, and send the complete applications to


Satya Wacana Christian University

Gedung Administrasi Pusat

FEB International Program Admission

Jl. Diponegoro 52-60

Salatiga 50711

Central Java, Indonesia

Ph. +62 298 311881,

Ph. +62 298 321212


For further information:

Ph. +62 298 716 5 777



Application fee

Application Fee payment of Rp 200.000,- (excluding transfer fee), is made by money transfer to the account number below:

  • PERMATA              : AC 660.105.5552
  • BTN                          : AC 0019001300000248



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